Ongoing Collections


Arvo Strolls with Vinnie


My baby boy Vincent and I get bored sitting around our small flat in Marrickville and Viinnie certainly loves getting out and looking at the world, smiling and laughing with people. He's particularly good at charming the older Greek ladies that live in the area. We are still walking around, but daylight savings hours means the light when we are out isn`t nearly as tasty. -

Anyway, a nice thing with photography can be to block stuff together and mark the passage of a chunk of time or period in life. These are the pics I took during Arvo Strolls with Vinnie during the first year of his life.

Bus Stop People


Some street photography serves a social function; it makes a document, a historical record. Some is about the weird and wild possibilities of life, perhaps a reflection of the often absurd nature of existence. These Bus Stop People are probably neither, trying to chart more a mood or a feeling.

They are candid pictures made from a close proximity of small moments as people await the bus. There aren’t any grand gestures, or big events, just regular people in that empty slice of time where they are doing nothing but waiting. I like to wonder about what these people were thinking when I made the exposure.

Beautiful Carcass


Whilst it's easily possible to see these images as macabre, I see them equally as beautiful. In the basic, formal composition I get a sense of an anthropological, natural history museum type of a gaze. Yet these images are of the world, outside a museum. They haven't been arranged or staged. They certainly don't feel cold and distanced, but to me decidedly affecting - at times there is a "like-us-ness" that I can identify in the body, an expression or gesture to the way the carcass has fallen. -

Sometimes I imagine this was me, laid out in my last resting place in full public view, the final phase in a lifes’ cycle.